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Community Ride 2023

The community ride entrant form is located here - CLICK TO RIDE

For those entered, it is a STRICT -  NO HELMET, NO RIDE There are no spares, so if you haven't brought your own, you cannot ride, and will not be allowed on the circuit. This is inclusive of all participants, no exceptions.

This is also NOT A RACE !!. There are participants that are as young as 4 years old, if you are seen riding frantically you will be ejected from the circuit.

Meeting point is where a Newark Castle Cycling Club flag will be positioned.

You will need to 'sign in' to be allowed on to the circuit. Signing in starts at 3.30pm, at a table alongside the flag.

You MUST listen to all organisers instructions, particularly if there is a delay.

At 3.50pm, it is anticipated you will be allowed on to the circuit, but you will be walked to the start gantry to join the ceremonial start lead by local dignitaries and maybe a famous cyclist or two.

The Community Ride will draw to a close at 4.25pm. You will be exited from the circuit at the meeting point.

Enjoy yourself, ride safely and look after one another.

Chris Lawrence

Event Director.

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