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Newark Town Centre Races


 850mm(H) x 2300mm(W) @ 300 DPI

Cut of for orders is July 14th 2023

Newark Town Centre Races not only has significant multi thousand spectator attendance, but it will be shared far and wide via televised, streamed, printed and digital media before, during and after the event. We anticipate around 1.5m impressions from Newark Town Centre Races

Formed by unfinished continual roll 2.3m x 0.85m  mesh banners, we create a smooth ribbon effect, preventing overlapping, and creases around the inner circuit.

If you wish to order 1 or 100, they will be printed in one continual batch, the bigger the batch, the bigger the impact

Option 1

Priority Banners

Benefited from positioning at critical, high focal points during the event for both spectators and enduring media images from the event for years to come.

Option 2

Standard area banners

Benefitted from high footfall areas on the day of the event.

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